#1 Chicken

February 22, 2008

Fried chicken
I have come across many types of black people. Well educated black people that attend(ed) private schools and go on to have Ivy League educations. Black people from poor neighbourhoods that can barely read or write. However, one thing is universal in all the black people I’ve met, their love of chicken.

Fried chicken, BBQ chicken, grilled chicken, kung-pow chicken, jerk chicken, you name it, they love it. Even when dining at (relatively) upmarket restaurants, black people will usually opt for the chicken dish, believing that chicken is one thing that cannot be cooked incorrectly. Also, black people do not discriminate when eating chicken, they will eat a whatever part of the (cooked) chicken that’s available.

The love of chicken is so strong with black people that a perfect chicken dish served on a date could be the deciding factor between a 2nd/3rd date and subsequent bedroom activities and never seeing the person again.

Black people also love to proclaim the largest amount of chicken they have eaten in one sitting, “man, I had like 10 chicken wings, 2 thighs, and a drumstick. I took a break then ate another whole chicken. That’s gangsta!”


  1. Does vegetarian chicken count? I know Black people that only eat the breast of chicken, maybe these Blacks live around white people.

  2. I cant stand when i go to a restaurant (for example a steakhouse or seafood) and my friends will order chicken! Arrgghh! step out of the box once in a while. Its like…’you cant go wrong with chicken!’

  3. That’s not true …….lol

  4. U gatta love dat fried chicken and ice cold watamelion wid a foty oz

  5. What is up with the stereotypes. I know a few black people who do not eat “Fried” chicken, or any type of chicken at all. Unless you surveyed or spent quality time with every black person, I think you should stop making these assumptions.

  6. thats is not true at all. i kno more whites that like chickn than blacks. so you should make it seem like only blacks lik chicken!

  7. well i kno i really like chicken and i am black. and i also know a lot of whites and other mixed races that like chicken just as much as me. i have the same birthday as barack o bama. luv u barack

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