#2 Old School

February 23, 2008

Old SchoolNot the film, but the reminiscence of a time/style where things are perceived to be more authentic.

Taking something “back to the old school” or taking something “old-school” can allude to many things. The former phrase is predominantly used in music and musical events. There is a current perception (by older generations of black people) that the music of today has no substance. They like to reminisce or play music from their younger days.

Taking something “old-school” can also refer to a style of performing an act that may be considered to be from previous generations. Dancing, rapping, a specific move in basketball and even certain cookery dishes can be taken old-school. For example, “did you see Shaun blow past mike on the court and ended with the George Gervin-esque finger roll? He took it old-school.


  1. Nothing beats watching an 80’s all-star ball game with a bucket o’ chicken!!!

  2. This is just a really sad rip off of whatwhitepeople like. Pure weak sauce! It’s not even a little bit funny.

  3. ooops stuffwhitepeoplelike. and you still suck

  4. Err Ponzi … https://stuffblackpeoplefeel.wordpress.com/about/

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