#3 BBQs

February 25, 2008


BBQs have the power to make black people “act a fool”. I have first hand experience of watching respectable black people lose most of their inhibitions and behaving in a manner that they would otherwise wish to dissociate themselves from.


I’m not sure whether it’s the lure of free* food, the BBQ sauces reacting with the cooking meat or the prospect of interacting with other black people in a non-threatening environment, but black people exude a different persona at a BBQ. I knew one black lawyer who worked for a Big Law firm that proceeded to strip half naked and jump in the pool with a buxom young lady. When the BBQ was winding down, he said to me “let’s keep my actions between the two of us, ok?”

I can recite numerous occasions where I have (near enough) witnessed and certainly heard children being conceived in nearby locations. I would postulate that more children are conceived at or as a consequence of black BBQs than at fertility clinics.

Despite their antics, 99%** of black people will always have fun at a BBQ. They are joyful occasions, in which black people can forget the worries of life (being hunted by “the man”/police/baby mothers/exes/rival gang members/employers) and enjoy good food and good company.

* This may not always be the case. I’ve been to BBQs where I was charged on entry or requested to bring something.

** The 1% that don’t have fun come from the demographic that like to go to parties and not dance. They always look miserable wherever they go.

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