The inspiration for this site came from

The main differene between the two blogs – apart from the melanin concentration in the subject matter – is that the analysis is this blog will not be scientific. Merely the thoughts and opinions of someone who has spent a substantial amount of time with black people.
I’d like to point out, this blog is not affiliated in anyway with
http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/. In fact, I expect the author of that blog to contact me in due course demanding I rebrand this one. Time shall tell.


  1. not to worry, yours sucks anyway and comes not even close to measuring up!

  2. Give him a chance asshole, its only got two posts. Blacks are a hilarious bunch of people, there is all kinds of material for comedy but theres two problems.

    One is that people immediately feel guilty for being “racist” whateever that means, and two, a lot of it is overdone, fried chicken for example.

  3. My opinion is if this site is set up by a non Black person than this site will be way different than Stuffwhitepeople like since that site was started by a white person (I think); this site will probably come across as racist and more offensive, I’ll give it time but that’s what I think.

  4. hahaha im hard

  5. hahaha im hard lol thats funny shiz

  6. you forgot ass 😀 not that whites dont

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